Escape the sedentary trap, turn getting fit into a fun adventure and build the exercise habit into your lifestyle (without going to the gym).

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Build keystone habits
that give you more
optimal health


Accelerate the process
of how you learn and
develop new skills


Quiet your mind and
have more consistent
energy and motivation.


Learn the psychology of optimal experience

Apply the latest psychology and cognitive science research to rapidly new habits and
use simple self-tracking tools to establish clear goals, track your progress and optimize your well-being.

Quantified Health

Use powerful quantified health tools to build keystone habits that improve the way you exercise, sleep, eat and relax.

Flow Productivity

Learn mental triggers for getting in a state of flow — what athletes called being in the zone — and make progress faster.

High Performance

Set clear goals and overcome resistance by training your attention and mindfully aligning your focus, intention and actions.
Three Pillars
Success Roadmap

My mission to give you the knowledge and tools to create your optimal life.

My training combines the latest quantified self technology with positive psychology and cognitive enhancement research to improve your health, productivity and performance. Build an extraordinary life and a career you love around your creative talents.

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