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Facebook Reaches 600 Million Users and Bloomberg Profiles Mark Zuckerberg

It is expected that Facebook will surpass 600 millions users worldwide sometime in the next 30 days. As the social networking juggernaut continues to add over 800,000 people a day, it is steadily advancing toward the milestone of a billion users, which it will likely reach sometime in 2012.

You may have been seen The Social Network and its portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg as an asocial computer nerd desperate to increase his status and find a girlfriend. In reality, he has been with the same girl Priscilla Chan since his early days at Harvard University. And if you watched the Mark Zuckerberg on Oprah segment a few weeks ago, he doesn’t seem concerned with ordinary status symbols and instead chooses to live in a modest, rented house in Palo Alto, California.

Like most great entrepreneurs and visionaries, Zuckerberg is an obsessive workaholic who is determined to build out his vision of a more social world. He may not be after the money, although being worth $7.68 billion at 26 doesn’t hurt, but he clearly wants the power that will follow if he can wrestle control of how people find and share information online from Google. He just might pull it off.

If you enjoyed this program, Bloomberg also profiles Steve Jobs of Apple and Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google.

author: Kyle Pearce

I'm passionate about using meditation and technology to liberate people. I teach courses in flow psychology and I run a self-directed learning community.

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Thanks for a very informative documentary. It definitely tells a different story from the Hollywood blockbuster.

I recommend you read Tim Berners-Lee’s article about how the walled approach of websites like Facebook is threatening the web and possibly even our liberty.


Thanks for a great article recommendation Jared!

I really hope that the model of an open internet continues to prevail. I agree with Berners-Lee that it is the best chance for the future survival of our democracy and freedom of expression.

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